Hoshin Model

The Hoshin Method Prioritization System



1.    Organize the top five goals in a pentagon shape.

    Go to each goal, and ask the following question for every goal:

       a.     “What needs to happen first, Strategic Planning or Sponsorship”  Which one drives which. The arrow goes                      towards Strategic Plan, so Strategic Planning has to happen first (higher priority) than Sponsorship

3.    Draw an arrow between the goals you are comparing, to the goal that needs to occur first (the driver)

4.   The goal with the most arrows determines the goal that needs to be accomplished
      first. Highest number = top priority.


I am a Chapter President, my top five priorities are in order of priority
 (4 is the most important and 0 is a by product of everything else):

  • Strategic Planning (4)
  • Accountability (3)
  • Membership (2)
  • Sponsorship (1)
  • Incoming Board (0)


Once the exercise has been completed, it is important to turn the TOP 5 into an action plan with each member owning each initiative.

Don’t focus on tactical items; each owner can determine how they want to accomplish the goal they “own”

  • Be sure to do
  • each at one time
  • If we do ______
  • this will help us do ______. 
  • If we’ve done_____ it will help us do ______.