IT Outsourcing | Wheaton, IL

Dependable IT outsourcing services for businesses in Wheaton, IL

How much time do you spend fussing over IT-related issues? You could spend that time taking your business to the next level.  We offer full outsourced IT support and outsourced IT services in Wheaton, IL.  By partnering with Net Works Consulting Resources, we allow you to shift your focus back to growing your company, where it should’ve been in the first place.

Our outsourced IT services we offer to our clients include:

  • Centralized, World Class Help Desk Support
  • Streamlined IT Process that allows your employees to easily report issues and get resolutions quickly.
  • A complete system and process to track all supported devices
  • Reports to track all critical metrics of support and your equipment
  • Dynamic Asset Management
  • BYOD – Bring Your Own Device Management

Let our IT solutions put you back in the driver’s seat of your business success.


Our outsourced IT support also includes our JACK Agent:

  • NO other consulting firm has JACK, so if you don’t have NWCR, you don’t have JACK.
  • Monitors all critical aspects of the equipment.
  • Tracks all metrics on every unit and we send you an easy to understand, monthly report on what issues need to be addressed.
  • JACK will automatically fix over 100, Level 1 issues, that Help Desk support teams don’t have time to deal with but result in service tickets. Our proven agent lowers service tickets by over 30%!
  • If JACK can’t fix the issue, he opens a ticket for the technicians, with all of the critical data. Helping the NWCR team handle tickets faster.
  • JACK averages 1,500 closed tickets a week! Issues you no longer have to worry about.