Structured Cabling Installation
Villa Park, IL

Dependable Office Cable Installation solutions for businesses

Our cable installation services lets you stay focused on your core business while we handle all the details of your new IT Infrastructure that is tailored to your specific needs.

Little to no DOWNTIME!

Net Works Consulting Resources offers network wiring and structured cabling services to companies in Villa Park, IL.  Our structured cabling installation services can set your infrastructure up for optimal performance and future growth.

The experts at NWCR can perform cable management services with little to no downtime, in an organized well-executed manner.

Your data cabling installation is a key component of your IT environment, and one that is not easy to repair or update post-installation. When installing structured cabling, it is business critical that all things necessary have been considered.

Whether your business requires updated cabling or you’re looking to relocate, our team of experts can keep you on track. No surprises are our main goal!


The experts at NWCR bring sound solutions in cabling services that are scalable and adaptable

Combining our vast experience with business and technology, a clean, organized, well-built cable management solution gives your company the opportunity for greater growth and ease of support in the future.
Our depth of knowledge includes cable installation, cable equipment/server racks, office moving and hi speed communications, so you can count on us to bring it all together.