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Businesses today make use of the cloud in different ways and systems, but primarily the cloud lets you access your data and programs outside your computing environment. 

Cloud computing is unlike typical practices where data is stored on a personal computer or a server, cloud data is stored in the “cloud”. Your applications, databases, and emails are stored in tightly-secured data centers spread all over the world, with a 99.9% uptime. 

Although the cloud may seem highly-priced, there are affordable pricing tiers. Your business may scale up or down depending on your operation and storage needs. Additionally, the cloud allows collaboration within your team, across locations and time.

Cloud computing offers many benefits, but to take advantage of these benefits, a person with a professional IT background and know-how of the cloud is necessary. This may resemble an individual outside of your organization to gain superior cloud expertise. Cloud computing-related jobs are of increasing demand in the market as they are continuing to add value to business operations.

We provide cloud computing consulting services to companies in the DeKalb, IL area. Our expert cloud computing consultants have vast experience to help your organization fully utilize your cloud solution.

Cloud Computing Consulting

Networks Consulting Resources offers cloud computing consulting services to a variety of companies. Our cloud team is an invaluable resource for your company as you plan and budget new IT projects. The cloud consultants at Networks Consulting Resources have varied experience and certifications- we’re confident our team will become a trusted business partner.

IT Environment Evaluation

IT Environment Evaluation

An expert consultant investigates and gets to the bottom of any weak areas of your company’s IT infrastructure. We then build the right plan perfectly suited to your individual business to resolve these issues.

Implement Your Tailor Made IT Plan


Our technicians will implement optimal cloud solutions, utilizing strategic vendor partnerships and careful planning, giving you a strong foundation you will take into the future.

IT Management

Cloud Management

Upon the assessment of infrastructure and security threats, we build the right solution for your business to protect your business from a security breach or natural disaster. We'll keep you cloud servers monitored 24/7!

Let NWCR create custom cloud technology strategies that will help you innovate and create more possibilities.

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