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Cybersecurity is the protection of Internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyberattacks.

You might want to prevent Cryptolockers from accessing your system...

Cryptolocker, a form of malware, has the potential to paralyze a client’s PC through encrypting the files- making them inaccessible. Once files are encrypted by the Cryptolocker, access is lost, and the only way to regain it is via a private key held by the cybercriminal.  Getting the private key is at the mercy of the cybercriminal, in which they may ask you (via your computer) for a ransom, that can be from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

We provide cryptolocker removal services and cryptolocker prevention services to companies in the Arlington Heights, IL area. Networks Consulting Resources is a local preferred cryptolocker removal company available to assist your organization with cryptolocker removal.

We take the HOPE out of Cyber Security and replace it with confidence.



As we focus on IT security, we are able to make resolutions and respond to active IT threats like Cryptolocker on various systems.

Detecting cryptolocker file infections and preventing them from spreading is one of our primary focuses, and we have consistently succeeded in bringing this service to our clients. Our extensive experience and expertise in IT security, and resolving cryptolocker problems and other threats, is our foundation.   

At NWCR, we know what works, what doesn’t work and what solution fits within your budget. Would you rather spend weeks evaluating and scoring solutions, and then hope you made the right choice, or would rather eliminate the time and guesswork, and proceed with confidence?  

Give us a call today, so we can work with you to pick the right solution for your environment.

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