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Cloud migration refers to the moving or migrating of data and workloads from traditional data enterprises to a private or public cloud. With the cloud, businesses can securely store important data and access that data from anywhere. No longer are the days with computers having to be on the premises to be able to access information. When you adopt a cloud migration strategy at your Chicagoland business, you can access secure data from any time and anywhere.

Why is cloud migration important for Chicagoland businesses?

It’s important to move businesses to cloud servers for multiple reasons. If this past year taught us anything, it’s that you should be ready and able to work from anywhere. For you and your staff, having access to your files, data, and assets is crucial in business today as technology advances and the pace of business is pushed even further. Many Chicago businesses migrate to the cloud to not only improve the storage of data but to enhance the security of confidential information. We understand that with any cloud service, security needs to be a top priority in selecting the right provider. 

Benefits of cloud migration

Cloud migration may still feel very new and maybe even a bit scary. All of your company assets are living in “the cloud,” but we promise, it’s actually an efficient, safe way of storing your information. By migrating your assets to the cloud, you can improve your company’s scalability and communications with collaboration tools like Shared Calendars, public folders, contacts, email, and tasks. Here are some benefits to storing assets on the cloud, as a Chicagoland business:
  • Easier scalability – your technology can grow as your business does
  • Tailor-made service – built around your specific business needs
  • Increased accessibility – get access from mobile devices
  • Lower cost – cost-effective technology pays for itself

Net Works cloud migration services

With Net Works’ cloud migration services, you will have access to high-performance hosted solutions that can make running a successful Chicago business more efficient. As a provider of cloud migration services, Net Works Consulting offers powerful tools to streamline your business including web hosting and migration of all Microsoft applications to a hosted platform. Our hosted solutions include: Microsoft O365 – one low cost for all of your Microsoft productivity suite needs; office, email, Skype, One Drive, etc. Azure / Amazon hosted servers – to ensure the reliability and availability of your data and applications. Backup and disaster recovery – allows you to rest easy so that if you accidentally use a file or a disaster hits, you can recover. At Net Works Consulting, we listen to our clients to help provide the best possible solution with the latest technology. Whether it be migrating confidential information/assets to the cloud or providing cyber security services, we’d love to help! Contact us today to get started.

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